#UGC UGC Glass Paint - SALE!

UGC (Unique Glass Colors) Glass Paint kiln fire in the 1425F to 1550F firing range. Surfaces include - float glass, porcelain, terra cotta, recycled glass, specialty glass, pre-fired pottery and most any glass that can fire within that range. The colors can fire to much hotter temperatures when used on surfaces other than glass.  Mix w/UGC Medium or other Medium.

(3) UGC (Unique Glass Colors) NT colors available, unused & sealed under top cap, 1 oz. ea. Non-toxic & Safe, Orig. $9.00; Sale: $4.99

*Golden Orange - 1998, CJ021

*Warm Brown - 1966, CJ025

*Gloss Black - 1969, CJ034


One Set of mixed colors, USED, total equals over 1.49 oz.:

* Orange (973 D, CJ020)-.40 oz

* Deep Red (971 D, CJ027)-.40 oz

* Burgundy (NT Color: 11008, CJ010)-.65 oz.

(3) colors for 1 price...

(3) colors for 1 price...

Example created w/UGC Paints...

Example created w/UGC Paints...

Fused Tulip w/UGC Paints...

Fused Tulip w/UGC Paints...


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