#PLS-7 **Pumpkin Stakes**

These Pumpkin Stakes are a wonderful, colorful, & sturdy addition to your outside Fall Garden or in a Plant inside or out!  They also make GREAT gifts for Pumpkin & Fall lovers!

Size:  9-1/2" - 9-3/4" long x 2-1/4" x 2-3/4" wide (depending on which stake is chosen... oval or round.

The Pumpkin Stakes are available as a Custom Order as shown in the colors as noted:

  • PLS-7b: Oval w/Red, Orange, & Yellow (ROY) w/Dk Green vines (shown)
  • PLS-7c: Oval w/Orange w/Dk Green vines
  • PLS-7d: Oval w/White w/Brown vines
  • PLS-7.1: Round w/Orange w/Green vines
  • PLS-7.2: Round w/Orange + Halloween Face w/Lt Green vines (shown)
  • PLS-7.3: Round w/White w/Brown vines (shown)
  • PLS-7.4: Round w/White w/Olive vines (shown)

If any colors are not in stock, your piece will be created when the glass arrives, and you'll be notified.  

If you'd like to order multiple Glass Stakes of 1 color, You can order (3) at a time, then you'll be billed through PayPal for the others prior to creating all.  


Each Pumpkin Stake is created, then Priority Mail (1-4 days); unless you live nearby (pick-up/drop-off available).  It should arrive up to 1-1/2 weeks.

**All Shipping is Estimated; it could be more or less depending on the Weight of the Item & the Zone.  If more, you'll be billed through PayPal for more; if less, youll receive a refund.


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