I have always been fascinated by glass.  When young, my parents took me to Williamsburg, Virgina, and there I saw an artist/re-enactor blowing glass.  I remember my fascination with the fluidity of the glass and how one could create such beautiful creations just by heating the glass!  It's always been a unique type of craft to me.
I've been fusing glass for over 16 years... and am always learning about the awesome properties of glass fusing, and how the kiln fires each piece!  I am Always experimenting with different firing schedules to get various desired results.
Here in St. Augustine, FL (our Nation's Oldest City), I focus on creating glass to furnish your home & to wear.  I also teach Learn 2 Fuse Glass classes in St. Augustine and wherever people would like to learn!  Previous to St. Augustine, I was very fortunate to have had studio space in an art gallery in Islamorada (FL Keys).  The latter opportunity allowed time to develop my creativity in glass, which can be a lengthy process.  And I am STILL developing my creativity in glass!  It's an ongoing process...  In the Studio, I also teach how to create fused glass jewelry, and other FUN items for your home or gift giving.
I've been steadily creating a variety of fused glass pieces, one of which is shown here (Lighthouses)


Some of my pieces are fired within or over fiber forms that I create.  Visit my BLOG... you'll learn about pieces I've recently created and all kinds of things that Starry Night Creations is doing!  If you're ordering from Overseas, there's some important information about Int'l. Shipping, and if you'd like to know what other people/customers say about my work (especially custom orders), you can visit Customer Testimonials.
My studio is a working glass studio, and so I'm usually cutting glass, arranging creations, firing the kilns, or teaching classes!  Besides purchasing my glass here on my website, which has a secure shopping cart, it may also be purchased on Etsy, or on the **UPCOMING SHOWS** page, which gives details about where I'll be & when.
If you're a Shop and would like to purchase my glass jewelry (Pendants, Rings, Bracelet Sets), Wholesale pricing IS available.  Proceed to the "WHOLESALE" Page, read terms & follow directions, and Apply to be a Wholesale Account.  Thanks for your interest!
If you're visiting St. Augustine & would like to view/purchase my creations while perusing the downtown area, please contact me so I can be available to you.  904/885-2589
And... If you have an interest in learning about the fusing process, and would like to create something FUN, I offer "Learn 2 Fuse Glass" classes primarily at the studio & at various locations in North FL.  Learn More Here!
Contact Me  or Call: 904/885-2589 (Leave Message) at any time with questions/comments you have regarding my glass creations, custom orders, or classes offered.  Thanks so much for visiting... and thank you for your support & referrals!
-- Susan Smile
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